Mood Lighting

The vast majority of your wedding day will be spent at your chosen venue and no doubt you’ll want it to look fantastic, this is where we can help!

Our venue lighting service will enhance the plain walls (and ceiling if you wish) with rich, vibrant shades to complement your colour scheme.

Traditionally during the wedding reception the house lights will be dimmed and the DJ or Band will provide lighting to fill the dance floor area. We can integrate our venue lighting with the DJ or band so that the entire room is filled with light. It is also possible to have the lighting units change colour along with the beat of the music.


If your band or DJ doesn’t have their own lighting – or you’d like to add even more, we can provide packages of effect lighting along with our LED lighting service.

There may be certain features of your wedding venue such as pillars, statues, high windows & plants that you would like to highlight. We can do this, by placing one of our uplighting units at the base, set to whatever colour you wish.

You could also light the walls of the bar area, entrance hall, or corridors both in venues and marquees. The lighting in each area of your venue can be set to different colours if required.

Another popular option is ceiling lighting. By using LED wash lights and lighting stands, we can wash the whole of the venue or marquee ceiling in your colour scheme, and integrate this with the uplighting.

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