Outdoor Lighting

Make the most of the outdoor spaces around your venue by using lighting to light up patios, trees and walkways with our waterproof uplighters, flood lights and fairy lights.

Outdoor lighting can be as simple as uplighting a wall or entrance area or be more creative by highlighting features such as trees and arches with fairy lights or in a range of colours for an impressive visual impact at your venue.

We work with the unique features of each venue to design outdoor lighting schemes to give the best visual impact possible.

Outdoor Uplighting

Outdoor Uplighters are a simple yet incredibly flexible way of adding light outdoors, waterproof uplighters are used to shine light up from floor level onto walls, doors or other surfaces.

The light creates a stunning look by highlighting selected venue features.

Fairy Lights

Many venues have external features that can be decorated with fairy lights such as trees, arches, walkways, railings, etc.

Our high quality waterproof fairy lights provide much more light than typical Christmas type lights and so can be used to provide useful lighting to an area as well as looking pretty.

Some of the most common ways to use fairy lights outside are:

  • Fairy lights wound up the trunk of a tree.
  • Add several swags of lights to a set of railings along a path or around a patio area.
  • Lines of lights along the roof of a covered walkway.

Festoon Lights

Outdoor Festoon Lights are a series of bulbs on a cable which can be attached to or suspended between features such as buildings and trees.

If no suitable buildings or trees are available, festoons can still be used by attaching them to freestanding poles.

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