Fireworks Display

Working alongside one of Scotland’s most respected Firework Company’s we are now able to offer some of the best displays you will see at an event.

All our displays are unique and custom designed to suit your budget and venue. Below are some sample budgets as a guide:

  • £750

    7-minute aerial display fired electronically with glittering fanned effects and a large calibre finale including a colour sequence to reflect the bridal colours

  • £850

    8-minute aerial display as above with the addition of more large calibre effects and adding a sequence of heart shaped shell finale with hot air balloon release and soft flame candles to decorate the audience area.

  • £950

    8-minute display as above but firing from up to 3 places simultaneously with non stop layers of effects and a huge shell finale rising 100′s of meters before exploding in showers of silver and gold.

  • £1500

    9-minute display as above with large calibre effects throughout and huge shell finale. Can be synchronised to music for added effect.

  • £2000

    10-minute display as above with non stop layers of large calibre effects and a huge shells throughout with a spectacular gold and silver finale. Can be synchronised to music for added effect.

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